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Dear Australian Visitor ! This site is designed mostly for American visitors but along the way, I have collected various information which could be useful for Australian visitors too. Thank you for your feed-back and suggestions : I hope some of them can help and this page is under construction. Welcome to Australian visitors and expats to France!

Cher visiteur australien ! Ce site est conçu essentiellement pour des visiteurs américains mais en le rédigeant, il m'arrive de trouver des éléments qui peuvent aussi être utiles à des Australiens. Merci de vos réactions et suggestions : j'espère que certaines pourront rendre service et cette page est encore en construction. Bienvenue aux visteurs et expatriés australiens en France!


This page is under construction

Being a Australian expat in Paris....    Paris and Australia


this page is under construction : this is just the very begining (thank you for your suggestions : I welcome any comment from an Australian visitor which could contribute to help his/her fellow citizens!)

  • Read about non-French artists and writers who lived in Paris
  • Best known French writers and artists with a connection to Australia :
    • Paul Wenz (1869-1939), a born-French Australian writer
    • more to come ....
  • Australian writers who live(d) in Paris include :
    • John Baxter (b.1939) writer and film-maker
    • more to come ...
  • Australian supplies at :
    • to be developed ....
  • More to come

Franco-Australian history

A few milestones :

  • Jan.26, 1788 : La Perouse in Botany Bay (he arrived the second : what your history would have been like had he arrived first!)
  • 1839 : France opens a consulate in Sydney (the first foreign consulate in Australia)
  • 1915 : First World War and the sacrifice of 46,000 Australians (see the Australian cemetery and memorial in Villers-Bretonneux)
  • crisis in the 1980s (about New Caledonia) and in the 1990s (about the French nuclear tests)
  • Sept. 2021 : The cancellation by the Australian government of a huge contract for French submarines (signed in 2016) to the benefit of an US supplier, after months of secret negotiations between the three governments of Australia, USA and UK is not a banal commercial incident : it is unanimously seen as a major humiliation for France from unfaithful allies and a serious and lasting blow to their relations with France.
  • More to come
In the castle of PĂ©ronne (one hour drive North of Paris), the Historial of WW1 has a wing devoted to the Australian troops and their heroism in 1916.

And there is also Rugby !

Since the first Australia-France match in 1948, Australia won 26 times and France 18 times (with 2 n.). The Wallabies are better !

More infos ?


Useful addresses for Australians in Paris

Tips for Australian visitors

  • DOs & DONTs :
    • Don't drink too much, don't order two beers at the same time
    • Do drink French wines, for their taste and variety
    • Do remember that the French are not as exuberant and friendly as you (that's why the may look cold and arrogant to you)
    • More to come...
  • Read Almost French. A New Life in Paris (2005) by (Australian) Sarah Turnbull
  • Read an interview of Harriet Welty Rochefort about her, her books, her life in France and the French, by Judy McMahon, for My French Life (Melbourne, Oct.2020)
  • Do you know that France has more than 360 different sorts of cheeses ?
   Click to learn about it and enjoy a Wine & Cheese Tasting with author Harriet Welty Rochefort.
  • More to come...

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For more on intercultural differences, order Harriet Welty Rochefort's books :

  • "Joie de Vivre", Secrets of Wining, Dining and Romancing like the French, St.Martin's Press, New York, 2012
  • "French Toast, An American in Paris Celebrates The Maddening Mysteries of the French", St.Martin's Press, New York, 1999
  • (in French) : "French Toast - Heureuse comme une Américaine en France", Ramsay, Paris, 2005
  • "French Fried, The Culinary Capers of An American in Paris", St.Martin's Press, New York, 2001

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