Current events in France (#6) To better understand a country, it is useful to read its press and watch its TV. You can see what are the main issues for the people, what are the current controversies (the French are very good at that...). In this section, I try to register, month after month, the main topics for the French.
 WARNING ! The comments below do NOT reflect MY own opinion but are a tentative synthesis of what comes out from the French press and TV in a given month ! I do express my own opinions on page Editorial !

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Webmaster Philippe Rochefort and wife Harriet, with a friend, discussing current world affairs in a French bistrot.
What is making the headlines in 2019....  


  • January 2019
    • The Yellow Vest movement is still active after eight weeks of demonstrations, a mix of the understandable protest of the weakest and the least adaptable to a global world and a dangerous populist movement that wants to overthrow the government, attracting all the gangs and thugs just wanting to loot and destroy. Read more on Harriet's site and on this site.
  • February.
    • Still the Yellow Vests , with a demonstration every Saturday.
  • March
    • The nightmare of the Yellow Vests continues, March 16 being the day of the most violent demonstration. The government seems unable to cope and expects that the giant debate it organized all over the country will calm down the Yellow Vests.
  • April-May
    • April 16 : a national tragedy, Notre-Dame cathedral burning ; the whole country realizes what the monument means to everybody in France believers or not. (Read about historical Paris and the steps of its restoration)
    • May 26 : the European elections show a high score for the Extreme-Right party but a better-than-expected score for Macron's party, a terrible defeat for theExtreme Left and for the Right and a very good score for the Ecologist party.
  • July-August
    • The newly elected European parliament is inaugurated with (still) 73 British members. Look what they did.
    • ...
Yellow Vests in Paris, Rue Cler, Jan.5, 2019
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