Bibliography on France and the French (#2)

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This is not an academic bibliography and I mention only the books I have on my own shelves.  
Memoirs and tales of life in Paris or in France...   America as seen by the French... 
  • Art BUCHWALD, I'll Always Have Paris!, Putnam's, 1996
  • David DOWNIE, Paris, Paris - Journey into the City of Light (photographs by Alison HARRIS, foreword by Diane JOHNSON), Transatlantic Press, 2005
  • MFK FISHER, Long Ago in France, Simon & Shuster, 1991
  • Janet FLANNER-GENET, Paris Journal 1944-1971, Shawn 1977
  • Janet FLANNER-GENET, Paris Was Yesterday 1925-1939, Penguin, 1981
  • Mavis GALLANT, Paris Notebooks, Hamish Hamilton Ltd, London, 1989
  • (Edited by) Adam GOPNIK, Americans in Paris - A Literary Anthology, The Library of America, 2004
  • Ernest HEMINGWAY, A Movable Feast, Penguin, 1975
  • Ernest HEMINGWAY, The Sun also Rises, Penguin, 1975
  • Henry JAMES, A Little Tour in France, Penguin, 1983
  • Stanley KARNOW, Paris in the Fifties, Random House, NY, 1997
  • Henry MILLER, Quiet Days in Clichy, Grove, 1987
  • Maggi NOLAN, Champagne ... and Real Pain - a Paris Memoir - Celebrities in Paris in the Fifties, Mosaic Press, Oakville 1998
  • George ORWELL, Down and out in Paris and London, Penguin, 1973
  • Irvin SHAW & Ronald SEARLE, Paris! Paris!, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, 1977
  • Mark TWAIN, The Innocents Abroad, Collins, 1920
  • Edith WHARTON, French Ways and their Meaning, Berkshire House, 1997
  • Michel CROZIER, Le Mal Américain, Fayard, 1980
  • Jean-Baptiste DUROSELLE, La France et les Etats Unis - des origines à nos jours, Le Seuil, 1976
  • Christine FAURE & Tom BISHOP, L'Amérique des Français, Françoise Bourin, 1992
  • Guillemette FAURE, La France made in USA, Jacob-Duvernet, 2005
  • Jean Claude GUILLEBAUD, Cabu en Amérique, Seuil, 1990
  • Jules HURET, L'Amérique Moderne, Lafitte, 1911 (2 vol.)
  • André KASPI, Les Etats-Unis d'aujourd'hui - Mal connus, mal aimés, mal compris, Plon, Paris, 1999
  • André MAUROIS, En Amérique, Flammarion, 1933
  • Paul MORAND, New York, Flammarion, 1930
  • Jacques PORTES, Une fascination réticente - les Etats Unis dans l'opinion française 1870-1914, Presses Universitaires de Nancy, 1990
  • Philippe ROGER, L'ennemi Américain - Génalogie de l'ant-américanisme, Seuil 2002 (the best French book on the subject)
  • (of course) Alexis de TOCQUEVILLE, De la Démocratie en Amérique, MacMillan, 1961
  • Fanny TROLLOPE, Domestic Manners of the Americans, Sutton, 1984 (although the author was English, when it was published, in the 1840s, this book had a strong impact in France : see more)


 and also...

  • Sylvia BEACH, Shakespeare & Company, Un. of Nebraska Press, 1956
  • Jean-François CHAIX, Loin du Midwest, portraits d'Américains en France, Auibert, 2007
  • Stephen CLARKE, A Year in the Merde, Black Swan, 2005
  • Charles DICKENS, Selected Pieces on France and the French, InPrint, 1996
  • Heidi FULLER-LOVE, Crossing the Loire, 2004 (a wicked, witty - and sometimes worrying - account of moving to Charente, in the heart of rural France)
  • Stephen LONGSTREET, We All Went to Paris - Americans in the City of Light 1776-1971, McMillan, New York, 1972
  • Curzio MALAPARTE, Journal d'un étranger à Paris, Denoel, Paris, 1967
  • Phyllis MICHAUX, The Unknown Ambassadors. A Saga of Citizenship, Aletheia, 1996
  • Bernard REDMONT, Risks Worth Taking - The Odissey of a Foreign Correspondent, Univ.Press of America, 1992
  • William L.SHIRER, 20th Century Journey, A Memoir of a Life and the Times, (Vol 1 1904-1930), Bantam Books 1976
  • Waverley ROOT, The Paris Edition 1927-1934 North Point Press 1987
  • Ted STANGER, Sacrés Français - un Américain nous regarde, Michalon, 2003 (former Newsweek bureau chief, published in French)
  • Ted STANGER, Sacrées vacances : une obsession française, Flammarion, 2010 (the French passion for holidays)
  • More to come...

 and also...

  • Jean BAUDRILLARD, Amérique, Grasset, Paris, 1986 
  • Simone de BEAUVOIR, L'Amérique au jour le jour, Morihien, 1948
  • Louis DUVERGIER DE HAURANNE, A Frenchman in Lincoln's America, Lakeside Pr., 1975
  • Durand ECHEVERRIA, Mirage in the West - a History of the French Image of American Society to 1815, Princeton PUP, 1957
  • André KASPI et al., La civilisation américaine, PUF, 2004
  • Leo SAUVAGE, Les Américains, Marabout, 1983
  • Ted STANGER, Sacrés Américains - Nous, les Yankees, on est comme ça, Ed.Michalon, 2004 (a interesting view of the USA by a former Nesweek bureau chief in Paris, written in French)
  • A short bibliography on Franco-American relations
Anti-French American books     French books (with sometimes a critical view of the U.S....)

There are far more anti-French books (and website) in America than anti-American books and sites in France. Their tonality is often suprisingly full of hate. Here are some of them :

  • Arthur BLOOM, Tales of an American Emigré in Paris, Editions des Ecrivains, 2000 (he does not like the French, does not understand why his American wife does, and they both live in Paris...)
  • Richard Z.CHESNOFF, The Arrogance of the French - Why They Can't Stand Us and Why the Feeling is Mutual, Sentinel, 2005 (a former correspondent of U.S.News, he obviously hates France and the French : he retired in France and lives in Provence. A masochist ? See a few examples of wrong facts and biases)
  • John J.MILLER & Mark MOLESKY, Our Oldest Enemy. A History of America's Disastrous Relationship with France, Doubleday, 2004 (a fascinating revelation : EVERYTHING wrong in the history of the US was deliberately created by the French, from the defeats of the American Revolution, in which Frence played no positive role, to the deliberate sabotaging of the war on Iraq ; crazy but well done)
  • Kenneth R.TIMMERMAN, The French Betrayal of America, Crown Forum, 2004
  • Harlow Giles UNGER, The French War Against America - How a Trusted Ally Betrayed Washington and the Founding Fathers, Wiley, 2005 (stating the obvious, he discovered that the King of France supported the American Revolution not because he wanted to help create a Republic but because he wanted to weaken England ! a ridiculously and passionately anti-French book but sometimes interesting, )

More to come

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  • Pascal BAUDRY, Français et Américains - L'autre rive, Ed.Village Mondial, 2003
  • Edward BEHR, Une Amérique qui fait peur, Plon, 1995
  • Michel CROZIER, Le Mal Américain, Fayard, 1980
  • Pascal DUPONT, La bannière étiolée, Seuil, 1993
  • Geneviève & Philippe JOUTARD, De la francophilie en Amérique - Ces Américains qui aiment la France, Actes Sud, 2006
  • Philippe LABARDE et Bernard MARIS, Ah Dieu! que la guerre économique est jolie!, Albin Michel, 1998
  • Philippe ROGER, L'ennemi américain, Le Seuil, 2002 (the best book on anti-Americanism)
  • Jean-Jacques SERVAN-SCHREIBER, Le défi américain, Denoel, 1967
  • Emmanuel TODD, Après l'empire - essai sur la décomposition du système américain, Gallimard, 2002
  • Books on anti-Americanism

and also...

  • Gérard BAUDSON, La planète de l'Oncle Sam, JC.Lattès, 2000
  • Pierre BIARNES, Le XXIème Siècle ne sera pas américain, Ed.du Rocher, 1988
  • Karim BITAR et al., Regards sur la France : trente soécialistes internationaux dressent le bilan de santé de l'Héxagone, Paris, Seuil, 2007 (quite interesting)
  • Olivier DARD & Hans-Jürgen LÜSEBRINK, Américanisations et anti-américanismes comparés, Lille, Septentrion, 2008
  • Eric DIOR, Un couple infernal - 200 ans de francophobie et d'antiaméricanisme, Perrin, 2003
  • Philippe ROMON, Putain d'Amérique, Flammarion, 1988
  • Ziauddin SADDAR & Merryl WYN DAVIES, Why Do People Hate America, Icon Books Ltd, Cambridge, 2002 (very mediocre)
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