Most important events of the past 10 years (for French women)

In 2012, a polling institute (Harris) asked a sample of French women what were the most importants things that happened since 2002. Here are the results.

(published in Femina, supplement of the Journal du Dimanche, March 18,2012)


 1. Which were the most important historical or societal events in the past 10 years ?

1 Natural disasters (tsunami, etc...)
2 Obama elected president of the USA
3 The economic crisis since 2008
4 Increasing poverty in France
5 Le Pen in the second run of 2002 presidential elections
6 The Arab democratic revival in 2011
7 The Outreau court case in 2004 (°)
8 Bin Laden killed in 2011
9 The scandal of Mediator in 2010 (°°)
10 The success of "NO" in the 2005 referendum (°°°)

(°) 14 innocent people wrongly accused of pedophilia spent up to 3 years in jail

(°°) for almost 20 years, a pharmaceurical lab kept selling a dangerous medecine

(°°°) A majority of French voters refused more federal changes in the European institutions


2. Who were the most important personalities or cultural characters of the past 10 years ?

1 Harry Potter
2 The film "Les Ch'tis"
3 The film "Avatar"
4 Singer Amy Winehouse
5 Singers The Black Eyed Peas
6 The three novels Millenium
7 French DJ David Guetta
8 French novelist Marc Levy
9 French singer Mathieu Chedid
10 Titeuf (comic strip)



3. What are the objects or inventions you consider the most important of the past 10 years ?

1 The USB key
2 The GPS in cars
3 Smartphones
4 Low consumption light bulbs
5 Hybrid cars
6 WII game consol
8 Urban bike rentals (Velib, etc...)
9 Free newspapers



4. What are the most important beauty phenomenons of the past 10 years ?

1 Organic products
2 Beauty treatments for men
3 Natural make-up
4 Men in beauty advertizing
5 Hyaluronic acid (°)
6 Hair-growing treatments
7 Beauty bars (nails, teeth,...)
8 Hair straightening
9 New nail varnishes
10 Smoky eyes

(°) Don't ask me what it is....

5.What were the most important cultural events ?

1 The death of Michael Jackson
2 Downloading on internet
3 American TV series
4 3D films
5 Short French TV series
6 Major painting exhibitions in Paris
7 Hollywood Oscar for Marion Cotillard (°)
8 New musical comedies
9 The success of humorous talk-shows on TV
10 Lady Gaga

(°) The poll was made before French actor Jean Dujardin was awarded too.


6. Most important personalities of the past 10 years (for you) ?

1 Steve Jobs
2 Ingrid Betancourt (°)
3 Mark Zuckerberg
4 Prince William and Kate Middleton
5 Angela Merkel
6 Christine Lagarde
7 Laure Manaudou
8 Carla Bruni
9 Segolene Royal
10 Raymond Domenech (°°)

(°) A Franco-Colombian held hostage in Colombia

(°°) Former coach of the French football team

7. Most important fashion events of the past 10 years ?

1 Shopping on Internet
2 Natural textiles (°)
3 The democratization of fashion (H&M, Zara)

Vintage (°)

5 The sac (°)
6 Thongs
7 The democratization of Lagerfeld brand
8 John Galliano's creations for Dior
9 IT Girls (Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, ...)
10 Kate Moss

(°) Don't ask me what it is ....


8. Most important events in everyday life ?

1 The switch to the Euro
2 Non smoking in all public places
3 Unlimited access to internet
4 Social networks
5 The law against violence to women
6 e-trading
7 The vaccine against cancer of the uterus
8 The boom of low cost products
9 The referent doctor (°)
10 The boom of food programs on TV

(°) Now, you have to choose a GP and ask for his/her advice before you see a specialist (of your choice)

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