Speeches by Harriet and/or Philippe Rochefort : testimonials and fees

Testimonials for Harriet

  • "...Your presentation was very funny and entertaining...not to mention helpful to anyone thinking of going abroad or anyone just interested in French culture...." Hannah V., Northwestern University student  at the International Media Seminar, The American University of Paris
  • "...It was refreshing to hear the perspective of a woman who consciously chose to move to France, rather than one who was dragged here by a husband. You are truly an engaging speaker and I hope you continue to present at the International Media Seminar for years to come..." Jenna T., NU student at the IMS, Paris
  • "...Many of your tips and suggestions would have made my first few days in Paris much easier, and I'm sure the rest of the group would agree...After the presentation, it was very interesting to see a lot of what you had talked about in action, too - especially regarding the café culture and proper etiquette in restaurants...." Katlyn P., NU student at the IMS, Paris.
  • More to come....

Testimonials for both

  • " ...Our students loved your talks, all of them, and I have to say you were the highlights of our semester....", Brenda K., Assistant Professor of Communication, Missouri Southern State University

Testimonials for Philippe

  • "... A quick e-mail to thank you for your wonderful presentation on the Mr.Y programme last week! The comments from both the assignee and the trainer were very positive. (The trainer) said your presentation was excellent and the assignee said your presentation was very lively  and that you also pointed out the negative things about French people." (the head of an American relocation firm)
  • "Thank you very much for giving the presentation to Mr.H. yesterday. I am pleased to say that both him and Ms.N. (the coordinator of the program) rated your presentation very highly (7 and 8 out of 8).….the programme went very well.  Mr.H  is now better positioned to take advantage of his time in France as he now understands much better how the country functions.  I wish to thank you for your area studies/host national input, as well as the business implications; I'm sure that the information you supplied will be of great use.  " (the head of an American relocation firm)
  • "...The students I talked to were really delighted with your talk. I have rarely seen students laugh so much..." (Lorna M., professor ENST)
  • "...Our active Rhone Alpes Auvergne chapter would be interested in having you repeat your AmCham history presentation in Lyon..." (Oliver G., Managing Director AmCham)

Fees : please consult us and see Philippe's resume

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Harriet Welty Rochefort writes articles and books about France and the French. Order her books :

  • "Joie de Vivre", Secrets of Wining, Dining and Romancing like the French, St.Martin's Press, New York, 2012
  • "French Toast, An American in Paris Celebrates The Maddening Mysteries of the French", St.Martin's Press, New York, 1999
  • "French Fried, The Culinary Capers of An American in Paris", St.Martin's Press, New York, 2001

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