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We recommend the following goods and services available to the American (and English-speaking) community in France and which could correspond to some of the needs of the visitors of the site, in addition to our favorite links.


  • Book international door-to-door shipping services with Eurosender and get an exclusive discount for all Shipping. Use now the 10% off with the code EUROFRANCE


 Services for travellers
  • Hello Study suggest a series of French classes adapted to your project , along with a list of administrative services

  • Expatriates in France : The trusted community & guide for expatriates living in France. Offers to become a member of InterNation’s France expat community to connect with like-minded expatriates in France!


Expatriates & Students
  • French a La Carte provides private French lessons in Paris to match your needs, schedule and location.
  • Frantastique provides daily, fun, personalized French lessons which adapt to your level and interests. 10-15 minutes a day is all it takes to improve your French over the long-term. Sign up for our 7-day free trial and laugh while you learn!
  • The French Lesson is a language school offering private French courses with a qualified
    team of professors, each focusing on different subject matters ranging from French history to literature, arts and culture. Our main focus is achieving language objectives of each student with Paris as the the primary topic. Our classes take place in the most beautiful places of the city, many of them unknown to most visitors and even most Parisiens. Our customers are adult learners from different walks of life: professionals, retirees, expatriates or anyone finding themselves in Paris for an extended period of time and desiring to study French and learn about the French culture.


Learning French
  • Photo tours of Paris : learn about French history and improve your camera skills !
  • Paris Guide : your Paris travel guide to all that there is to see when visiting the city of light.
  • A Paris Travel - a good source for group tours, private tours, and trip planning for your travel to France.
  • Paris Tourist guide is a complete guide with all the amazing historical places, best restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • Visit Paris on a bike with Mike's Bike Tours
  • Paris Through Expatriate Eyes : insider cultural tours for small discerning groups
  • Visit Paris in a cute 2 CV (the"sardine-can" car)
  • Visit the city's great museums


& tours

Products, activities and English-speaking businesses in Paris
  • A handy English-language tool that helps small and medium sized businesses find office space in France.
  • An American webstore: "The 1-stop online shopping for your American food and goodies"
American-run businesses

  • Lost-in-Frenchlation : the best French films with English subtitles
  • A club for people interested in wine ....
  • Attend an auction Salle Drouot, every day...
  • French for a Day program : Cooking class with Sue Young
  • The first English-speaking concierge in Paris !
  • Play paintball near Paris ! Paintball-connexion (2, bis rue Victor Hugo 95650 Boissy l'Aillerie Tel : Fax : offers 50 free balls to the visitors of this Website !


  • Discover luxury campervan hire in France in your own time, made available to you by Compare and Choose.
  • Rue Amandine : Discover and experience Paris in the real parisian way: apartments to rent in Paris and all the services and assistance to make the most out of your stay and to make you feel Parisian!
Service for travelers
  • a good site to French
  • more links on learning French
  • A useful guide of sites for managers by the Association of alumni of Paris IAE (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises)
  • Parcelshipper offer discount shipping to and from the UK
  • Hand-on cooking school
  • Student exchange, with ELCD, an organization in the South-West of France, to facilitate direct individual homestay exchanges and homestays only between students or people of all ages and from all walks of life.

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  • "French Fried, The Culinary Capers of An American in Paris", St.Martin's Press, New York, 2001

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